PDF Patterns, oh my.

One of my discoveries since returning to sewing is the world of PDF patterns.  There are many indie pattern makers who design and sell PDF patterns online. The variety and scope of patterns is amazing.  A very important part of the process of developing these patterns is pattern testing.  The designer sends out a draft copy of a pattern to a number of people who proceed to print the pattern, then cut and sew the garment.

The testers have several important roles in the process: checking the pattern markings, checking how well the pattern assembles (which affects how accurately the garment will assemble), sewing the garment while ensuring the instructions are clear, then trying the garment on to check for how well it matches the size it is supposed to be.  After all of this, modeled pictures are taken of the completed garment, to help showcase the pattern designer's creation.

I find this process very interesting; perhaps enjoying the process of evaluation is an extension of my previous role as a teacher.  I have had the privilege of testing for a few designers and I will share some of those experiences here.

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